The best talent for your company is at Nexo Hiring.

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Platform for the search, management and selection of the best talent.

The market changes, so do your needs. Forget about traditional methods. Our community of talent managers work for you in the search for the best professionals.

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We cover your outsourcing needs by putting at your disposal specialized and highly qualified freelance profiles. Hired by you or through Nexo. You decide!

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Search and selection of the best candidates for your staff. Our network of talent managers provides you with the candidate you need to incorporate into your organization.

Outsourcing of services.

Tailor-made solutions for each company and project. Specialized in Information Technology, Marketing, HR, Interim Management, Environment, Sustainability and Social Innovation.

The best talent for your company is at Nexo Hiring.

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If you are a talent manager/headhunter/recruiter or you like to work in freelance mode and want to increase your chances of success, this is the tool you need.

Just relax, we’ll take care of it.

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We search, filter, interview and register the best candidates.

Evaluate and interview the final candidates.

You will pay the fee you indicated only and only if you hire.

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In Nexo Pro you will have access to many clients to offer your candidates. Participate in all those processes you want, as an expert in the recruitment and selection of personnel both in staff and in freelance mode.